Under Saint Owain’s Rock (Novel)

by Josh Langston

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An 800-year old secret threatens the peace of a tiny village in North Wales. Not only does it put at odds two lonely people who seem made for each other, but it draws the attention of the entire world to a scandal that’s just too delicious to ignore. Bestselling authors Josh Langston and BJ Galler-Smith bring their considerable talents to bear in this madcap romantic romp.

This lighthearted contemporary romance tells the story of a high-powered ad man who, in order to save his job, must devise a tourism campaign based on the patron saint of a tiny village in Wales. In the process, he falls in love with the only woman who can prove the saint was a fraud.

The supporting cast of eccentric characters provides a non-stop feast of fantasy, fun and foolishness as competing interests drive everyone to extremes.

This charming mixture of ancient history, small town values and big city schemes will keep you both intrigued and smiling from beginning to end.

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