Buzzard’s Last Day in the Big Q (Short Story)

by J. Tanner

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Buzzard Crosby is about to be released from San Quentin State Prison (the Big Q to residents) and no one, not the guards, not the protesters outside, not the other inmates, is happy about it. Not even Buzzard, who is worried he won’t make it through his final day inside—releasing him is the death penalty as far as he’s concerned.

But who’s after him? Can he count on the guards to protect him? Why is he still in general population instead of isolated?

Spend a day skulking in the shadows with Buzzard as the terrifying plan his enemies have in store for him is revealed.

Also included is a bonus flash fiction story. In SIX you’ll meet the inmate called Lucky Seven and learn how his nickname ties him to his ultimate fate.

“Buzzard’s Last Day in the Big Q” garnered an Honorable Mention from YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR.

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