The Week in Publishing

by J Tanner

Catch up on the industry news and opinion you may have missed this week.

Trade Publishing

  • GalleyCat has the September numbers from the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and they continue to show the same year over year trend, a slight drop overall due to losses in paper sales (this month mass market paper suffers worst) being almost bouyed by the massive rise in e-book sales. While the year over year increase for ebooks is staggering, if you look at month to month numbers, they’ve been flat at around 80m since June. The holiday surge of e-readers is likely poised to change that however.
  • Kris Rusch discusses how to evaluate a trade publisher as a good future business partner from the author’s perspective.

The New World of Publishing

  • Amazon launches Kindle stores for for Italy and Spain. If you’ve published your Kindle book with worldwide rights set, your books will automatically be available there and you’ll have the new territories listed in your royalty statements.
  • The Japanese, known for being gadget friendly, oddly are quite resistant to e-books, while the Chinese embrace them en masse.


  • Barnes and Noble reports its sales are down slightly in the 3rd quarter. But and the Nook are up so their emerging business models apparently aren’t the problem.

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