The Week in Publishing

by J Tanner

Catch up on the industry news and opinion you may have missed this week.

Trade Publishing

  • Michael Chabon call the standard royalty rate from trade publishers for e-books “criminally low” but laments taking it was the best of bad options available to him.
  • So apparently the price-fixing accusations about major publishers agency pricing e-books are linked to an anonymous-for-now publishing whistleblower rather than just customer accusations. The plot thickens…
  • I assume there’s someone out there defending agency pricing but I’m only coming across the opposition viewpoint piling on the bandwagon.
  • An IP lawyer has some serious reservations about the entry requirements for the Amazon/CreateSpace/Penguin sponsored Breakthrough Novel contest.

The New World of Publishing

  • This guy isn’t exactly defending agency (you takes what you can gets) but he at least takes a shot at the $9.99 price point Amazon invented for e-books that got the ball rolling toward the agency system.
  • KRAAKA-DOOM! (My favorite sound effect from Thor comics during the Simonson run. That’s a long way to go to mention…) The major US comics companies have all committed to the digital revolution by releasing every issue they publish on the same day with the same price as the paper release.


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