The Week in Publishing

by J Tanner

Catch up on the industry news and opinion you may have missed this week.

Trade Publishing

  • Respected publishing industry consultant Mike Shatzkin discusses an unusual element of the new publishing environment–that a publisher might make more money publishing fewer, or zero, new books.
  • You might have thought the publishing revolution was crazy enough already, but this guy needs more revolutionization, and outlines his ideas. (I’m totally onboard with the revolutionary idea to give authors more money.)
  • GIA is bullish on the publishing industry’s financial outlook through 2015.
  • Oh, wait, no. They’re still doomed after all because they’re (wait for it…) losing the celebrities.

The New World of Publishing

  • Chicago Tribune could change their longstanding policy against reviewing self-published authors?
  • Good Ereader is now analyzing the possible consequences of the original story cum speculation that Apple’s media event later this month will be to announce a self-pub platform akin to Amazon KDP and in the new story how it will impact aggregators like Smashwords. (There isn’t much supporting commentary that this is the actual subject of the event, and even the authors forget their original story put the claim at only “possibly” the purpose but it’s worth at least pointing out the event itself is happening and might include some relevent change to the iBook Store.)
  • Amazon should share more data with self-publishers using the KDP portal. (Wow, while I agree I can’t figure out how one gets an article (not column) published on Forbes and presumably paid for basically self-serving griping about Amazon. Kudos to the author–I want her job!)
  • A golden oldie here that I missed a couple weeks ago when it appeared. Mark Coker reviews how the Smashwords service did in 2011 and previews what’s coming in 2012.


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