The Week in Publishing

by J Tanner

Catch up on the industry news and opinion you may have missed this week.

Trade Publishing

  • Big publishing is dooooomed because of Amazon says Joe Wikert of O’Reilly Media.
  • Amazon strikes a deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to handle distribution for print versions of Amazon Publishing content. (I think the writer is overly optimistic about B&N and independent booksellers carrying this imprint when it’s pretty transparent these are Amazon Publishing books and they have rejected those–granted, in varying forms–in the past.)
  • Kris Rusch continues to be my favorite writer discussing the business of publishing and this week she talks about readers, about customer focus (or a lack thereof).

The New World of Publishing

  • Profile of an internet book plagiarist. Very interesting read–highly recommended.
  • Lawyer/author Bruce Judson takes a thoughtful, macro-economic look at how anti-trust policy might need to change in regards to digital media in reaction to the US Justice Department investigating the agency pricing model.
  • Graphicly offers self-publishing tools for comics authors. It’s one fixed price for tools and distribution, but that price is suspiciously absent from the public material. It basically sounds like the Bookbaby model for comics.
  • Sourcebooks CEO Domenique Raccah pushes The Agile Publishing Model at Digital Book World. The details a vague, but it sounds a lot like some newfangled thing called social media I heard about once.
  • NBC News enters digital publishing.


  • A self-publisher offers a nice overview of the iBook Author application.
  • Businessweek has a deep profile of Larry Kirshbaum, head of Amazon Publishing, including a lot of discussion of the business environment surrounding his job.


  • Verso Advertising shares their reader survey results for 2011 presented at Digital Book World in chart form.

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