The Week in Publishing

by J Tanner

Catch up on the industry news and opinion you may have missed this week.

Trade Publishing

  • It appears that big publishing is negotiating with the Department of Justice in hopes of preventing them from filing an e-book price-fixing lawsuit.

The New World of Publishing

  • As big media outlets catch on to the crackdown on erotica e-books, PayPal finally comments publicly on their decision to impose limits on such content even if some of it is clearly legal.
  • Kris Rusch discusses the scarcity of accurate data for tracking e-book sales and questions the accuracy of the most frequently cited source: the monthly AAP report.


  • The Amazon Lives imprint breaks with tradition and announces they will allow e-book versions to be available in competing formats like EPUB at competing stores, removing one of the major objections that resulted in other retailers not carrying print versions of Amazon Publishing’s books.


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