Lou Berger Story Appearing in Galaxy’s Edge Free Online

Lou’s science fiction story “Just a Second” is now available as a free read online over at Galaxy’s Edge, a new e-zine edited by IMP mentor Mike Resnick. Also, while you’re there, check out Mike’s fun editorial about infamous magazines of the past.

4 thoughts on “Lou Berger Story Appearing in Galaxy’s Edge Free Online

  1. I was eager to read Lou’s story, but the link took me to a scary sort of warning from Google — Attack page! Run and hide! Malware! Plague! Etc. Okay, so I’m not exactly cowering in the corner, but I’m a wee bit hesitant to tempt fate. (I’ve done it too often in the past.) Any idea what’s going on here?

    • I got a similar notice when I visited it through Lou’s Facebook link. I thought it was just FB as I didn’t see it when I tested it from here. My pair of virus scanners didn’t detect anything abnormal when I visited the site, but better safe than sorry if you’re not a nerd looking for any reason to reinstall your operating system from scratch. 🙂

    • While not as effective as Sauron’s, The IMPIRE’s All-Seeing Eye (when properly monicled due to age-induced All-Macular Degeneration) sees … occasional items of interest.

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