Lou Berger Story “The Tour Guide” Appearing in Galaxy’s Edge #7 Free Online

Galaxy's Edge #7 cover

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Lou’s science fiction story “The Tour Guide” is now available for a limited time as a free read (link may expire/change) online over at Galaxy’s Edge, a new e-zine edited by IMP mentor Mike Resnick.

Issue #7 of the magazine can also be purchased in print or ebook form at Amazon.


Lou Berger Story Appearing in Galaxy’s Edge Free Online

Lou’s science fiction story “Just a Second” is now available as a free read online over at Galaxy’s Edge, a new e-zine edited by IMP mentor Mike Resnick. Also, while you’re there, check out Mike’s fun editorial about infamous magazines of the past.

Legends of the Tall

by Josh Langston

In its forty-six hundred million years of existence, the blue orb had been host to life of unimaginable variety. Of all these living things, the most patient, and yet most passionate, were the mountains.

Appala stretched in mist-clad splendor from south to north along the eastern edge of a great, rambling land mass called Noram. Though outwardly calm, inside she seethed with grief at being separated from her twin sister, Pyrenalp, by an ever-expanding ocean. Though they could still communicate, the distance between them grew with each passing eon.

Unlike the odd, new animals which had recently crawled from the sea — and about which they knew nothing — Appala and Pyrenalp had only rudimentary senses of sight, sound, taste, and smell. Their world was defined by touch, the special province of the gigantic, who only seem to live immobile and forever.

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White Tiger (Novel)

by Derek Paterson & Stephen Knight

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Even Predators Can Be Prey.

International security consultant Jerry Manning has a lucrative sideline: he kills people for the Chinese Mob, so quickly and so effectively using his martial art skills that the Chinese call him the White Tiger, a nickname born out of respect–and fear.

When wealthy Chinese businessman James Lin’s son is brutally murdered in a San Francisco penthouse where he was sexing a beautiful actress, Manning is hired to fly back to the States to help track down the killer. But closely guarded family secrets are reluctantly dragged into the light. Lin’s older son was also recently murdered in Shanghai, with the same M.O., suggesting that the real target was always James Lin, and that the killer is an assassin with skills every bit as deadly as Manning’s.

S.F.P.D. detectives determined to uncover the truth behind the murder are on a crash course with Manning, blocking his view as the elusive assassin slashes her way through Lin’s defenses, intent upon exacting old-fashioned blood vengeance upon her hated victim, whose past crimes have finally caught up with him.

WHITE TIGER is an action/thriller novel of approximately 125,000 words/400 pages.

Revenge is a dish best served bloody!

Road Trip (Short Story)

by J. Tanner

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In exchange for a burger and a chocolate shake, Shan’s elderly neighbor, Mr. Parker, lures him away from a day of video games with talk of seeing zombies on television and going to kill them. As they get further from home, Shan becomes more and more concerned that Mr. Parker has gone from amusingly eccentric to crazy…

New Whirled Ordure (Short Story)

by J. Tanner

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Los Angeles is a wasteland.

And in the future, it only gets worse. The Mayor, now Mayor For Life, rules from his archaic fortress built on the remains of an ancient amusement park. His genetically mutated minions have rebuilt the fortress from ruins so many times humanity has given up on bombing it and left the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area abandoned. Braddock and his team of cybernetically enhanced soldiers take it upon themselves to enter Los Angeles on foot, infiltrate the Mayor’s fortress, and put an end to his reign. Without a doubt, a suicide mission.

Take a wild, satirical, violent ride along with Braddock as he fights his way through the amusement park toward a deadly confrontation with the Mayor himself and the surprising truth behind his empire…